Blast from the Real-Life Past of the DailyDisgust

Greg Norfleet, editor of the West Branch Times, has some, well, ridiculous opinion pieces that he publishes under the heading “Soapbox Philosophy”.   When they stray from the vicinity of ridiculous and wander into the neighborhood of  offensive, I see it as my duty to respectfully submit a letter to the editor.

The most recent example came when the prophesied end of days this past May did not come to pass.  Mr. Norfleet shared some tidbits he’d gleaned from such sources as Twitter, YouTube, and Christian radio.  Silly, but within the realm of the appropriate.  What got me was the following:

” My guess is that, deep down, we all believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God. Granted, we treat it differently in our day-to-day lives — some follow it as best they can, others argue against some of the finer points, and some try to suppress their fear by ignoring it.”

I reread the article several times and realized that “we” he was referring to was not specified.  Uhh…check?!?!

Soapbox Philosophy: Uplifting rapture, anyone? from the West Branch Times, May 25, 2011

My response as published in the next week’s paper:

In light of (Gregory Norfleet’s) most recent column, might I ask if you are speaking from a soapbox or a pulpit?

You stated in your column that you believe that “… deep down, we all believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God.”

Who exactly is the “we” of which you speak? All Americans? Iowans? People of West Branch? Christians? Your family?

Please be certain not to include me in any future sweeping religious statements that you make. While I welcome and respect our differing political opinions, and enjoy seeing them played out on the editorial page of this paper, I submit that this is not the appropriate place to hold forth on religious matters.


DailyDisgust [real name redacted], West Branch

Letter: Editorial page not place for religious opinions from the West Branch Times, Jun. 1, 2011


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