Correction (kind of)

In response to the comment posted by Jettboy, I would like to state that what many call posthumous conversion is otherwise called Proxy Baptism or Baptism of the Dead.  While Baptism traditionally means that one has taken on a new faith or fully committed to the one they already practice, Mormons see this act as opening the door for a posthumous conversion to be made by the choice of the deceased in the after life.  Semantics, but I am certainly one to understand the power of words to hurt and to harm.

To be clear, I find the practice to be utterly distasteful.  I will remove my commentary from the previous post and maintain the links to the articles that I provided.


2 Comments on “Correction (kind of)”

  1. mb says:

    Are there any religions that enable Baptism for the Undead? Just in case.

  2. JLFuller says:

    Readers should be aware that the ordinance is strictly an offering. It makes no demands on the departed. A living person performs this ordinance at the request of a relative of the dead person or, if they are LDS, the relative performs the ordinances (there are four) themselves.

    A departed soul makes the decision about whether to accept or reject what the living have done on his or her behalf. Nothing is forced. It should also be made clear that the dead are not carried on the records of the church as a member. In fact the only record kept is that the ordinance has been performed and such things as the date and location.

    It is roughly analogous to Catholics praying a dead person out of purgatory although the theology is much different.

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