Walter Mosley shows me how it is done

I was looking up the name of Walter Mosley’s latest Leonid McGill mystery, and came across a great piece he wrote about gaseous wind-bag Newt Gingerich.  Below are just the first two paragraphs, I highly recommend you read the whole column.

‘Food stamp president’: Gingrich’s poetry of hate from, Jan. 26, 2012

(CNN) — Newt Gingrich is a political opportunist. His job is to pack as much powerfully charged meaning into every sentence as he can, which makes him a working poet. So he knows full well that calling someone a “food stamp president” brings up the working person’s fear, looming reality, and in some cases the actual experience, of unemployment — while making a shout-out to racism and affixing a stigma to poverty. All the while hiding behind the symbol of a flag.

It is the bane of America and Americans that too often, those who best grasp the language of hatred and fear are those who are most likely to lead. This is simply because tacticians like Gingrich are well-versed in the traditional battle-cry and have no fear of the outcome of political civil war. Why should they be afraid ? They will never be down in the streets suffering with the people.



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