Obama bends and shifts, weaves and turns

I’ve been watching the debate about what should be a non-issue, providing contraceptive coverage to women regardless of whom employs them and provides their health insurance, and had been planning on writing a post about my disgust with the Catholic Bishops who are so intent on denying a basic health service to their female employees.  But before I had a chance to do so, the President popped up to replace the Bishops as the object of my scorn.

While the framework the President seems to be suggesting would offer contraceptive coverage to women who are currently denied it, Mr. Obama unfortunately has shown himself to be susceptible to bullying on the part of the religious.  Additionally, I fear that this will set a precedent whereby religious institutions will progressively seek to opt out of more and more rules and regulations based on a claimed sense of persecution.

Of course maybe this is the first step in the direction of the US government providing contraceptive and reproductive health coverage to all American women.  If that is the (very unlikely) case, then right on, Mr. President.


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