Santorum’s job application

Realizing (hopefully) that he has no real shot of winning the nomination and absolutely zero chance of actually becoming President, Rick “Dick” Santorum put in an application for a position with any one of the many companies currently extracting natural gas in environmentally dubious fashion.  His application took the form of a speech to Oklahomans, fellow friends of fracking:

Rick Santorum draws crowd in Oklahoma City from The Oklahoman, Feb. 11, 2012

Santorum, a former two-term GOP U.S. senator from Pennsylvania, said he supports hydraulic fracturing, which has been common in Oklahoma and Texas for about 30 years and has been introduced more recently in other states, such as his native state.

Santorum said environmental concerns are unfounded about the method of water, sand and some chemical additives being pumped into the well at high pressure to free gas from the rock.

He said hydraulic fracturing is “the new boogeyman” meant to alarm the public.

Man, science, I don’t believe that stuff either, Rick.

No word on the response Santorum received from the nations largest natural gas drillers, but his upbeat attitude and status as a citizen of drill-happy Pennsylvania are sure to draw some serious offers come November 7th at the absolute latest.


2 Comments on “Santorum’s job application”

  1. crisap444 says:

    Of all the things to hit Santorum on,his misogyny, his thousands of earmarks, his history of having his votes bought by the highest bidder, his repeated attacks on capitalism…and this is what you have an argument against him?

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