Taxi Cab Story Correction

After exchanging emails with Roger Bradley, intrepid manager at Yellow Cab of Iowa City, I realized that I was a fool to accept the figures provided in yesterday’s Press Citizen’s story on cabs per capita in the IC.  There are 13 cab companies in Iowa City, at least several of which have the legal bare minimum of 4 cars–for the statistic provided by the Press Citizen to be true, each company would have to have an average of more than 20 vehicles.  The mix-up seems to stem from a confusion over the total number of cabs and the total number of cab DRIVERS.  See the list at this link for the list of licensed cab drivers in Iowa City.  As of today, there are 264 people with permits to drive cab in Iowa City (including myself).

That said, my commentary was (and is) both pertinent and accurate.  There are too many companies and too little oversight in the Iowa City cab business.  The people who suffer from this are all of us who depend on reliable and safe transport in Iowa City.


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