“Clean” Coal

Having gotten rid of the television when the baby was born, we are mercifully infrequently subjected to advertising. One time that we do find ourselves enduring it is when watching streaming video on the web. While watching the Republican debate earlier this week, I actually found the “Clean” Coal ad more offensive than the content of the debate–nothing new from the candidates, they are either out of touch, out of place, or out of their minds.

The first time seeing the “Clean” Coal ad, I actually thought it was another parody, highlighting the dirtiness of the majority of our electric supply. (An aside, I can’t figure out what good an all electric car is if it is run off of electricity generated by coal, it is just polluting somewhere other than out its exhaust pipe.) But no, the coal industry was just targeting those most likely to buy their message, people willing to listen to the four horseman of (hopefully) the Republican apocalypse.

Some good information on what complete bullshit “Clean” Coal is and the advertising budget and strategy behind it from Richard Conniff: The Myth of Clean Coal from Yale environment 360, from Jun. 3, 2008

A great counter-advertisement from the “Reality” Coalition:


2 Comments on ““Clean” Coal”

  1. G-Man says:


    But what other fuel source offers inhalers at no cost to children with Asthma?

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