This Disgusting Week v. 3

A quick review of the disgusting and disappointing things I have posted about this week. There are certainly many more awful things out there than I have time to cover, so keep in mind that you should continue to be dismayed and disheartened even if you can wrap your head and heart around these things.

Ind. Rep. Bob Morris–The week started strong with a bit on this conspiracy minded moron from Indiana.  He ended up being the search term that brought more traffic to this site than any other.  And man, this guy is dumb.

Iowa City Taxi Cabs–Finally, a story I was born to opine on:  the Iowa City Press Citizen reported that there are 262 cabs registered in Iowa City.  Never mind the fact that their statistic was comically inaccurate, their story gave me a great opening to discuss what I’ve seen happen to the Iowa City Taxi industry over the last 10+ years.

  • Too many taxis in Iowa City.  My first of several posts related to cabs this week.  If nothing else, it was a good excuse to drag out the picture of myself dressed as a young Fidel Castro driving for OCC.
  • Taxi Cab Story Correction.  I must admit to feeling a bit sheepish for not realizing how ridiculous the PC’s numbers were–many thanks to Roger Bradley for pointing this out to me.  The saddest part: not only did they not print a retraction, they reprinted the story in the Des Moines Register today!

John Boyd, Jr.–It was an honor this week to have this humble blog cited in an article by the president of the National Association of Black Farmers.  I can’t imagine a better endorsement for calling out Monsanto on the ridiculous and offensive nature of their black farmer billboard.

All online schools recruiting in Iowa–This is one I’d been meaning to write about for a while.  There is no reason whatsoever these schools should be allowed to operate in this state, or any other for that matter.

“Clean” coal–Before all the disappointments of his presidency began piling up, I was annoyed by candidate Obama’s embrace of “clean” coal.  I guess it made sense given the power the coal lobby has in Illinois, but this would have been a great opportunity for him to stand up for the earth.

  • “Clean” Coal.  Despite the slickness of their ad campaign, all I could think of when I saw the most recent “clean” coal ad was what a shame it is we depend on this dirty rock for our electricity needs.

Rick “Dick” Santorum–I was hoping to make it a whole week without commenting on the ramblings of this desperate, hateful man.  His comments today, however, needed a response.


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