The Opposite of Disgust: MD now allows same sex marriage

Welcome, Maryland, to the family of too few states that offer marriage equality.  As an Iowan and an American, I’m proud to have you on our side!  I take back all those things I said about Maryland drivers when I lived in the Virginia suburbs of DC.

O’Malley signs same-sex marriage bill by Annie Linskey, The Baltimore Sun, Mar. 1, 2012

Amid cheers and camera flashes from a crush of onlookers, Gov. Martin O’Malley signed into law Thursday his bill legalizing same-sex marriage in Maryland — legislation that raises his national profile and, advocates say, gives momentum to those pushing similar measures in three states.

“The way forward is always found through greater respect for the equal rights of all,” said O’Malley, giving brief remarks before signing the legislation. “If there is a thread that unites all of our work here together, it is the thread of human dignity. … Let’s sign the bill.”


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