This Disgusting Week, v. 5

A quick review of the disgusting and disappointing things I have posted about this week. There are certainly many more awful things out there than I have time to cover, so keep in mind that you should continue to be dismayed and disheartened even if you can wrap your head and heart around these things.

Dwayne Alons–Dwayne Alons is a Republican State Rep. from Hull, a homophobe, and an idiot.  You might say that he is our very own Bob Morris.

Underfunded in Iowa–This week I looked at just of few of the many areas that are being shorted by the Republicans in the State Legislature.  We are no longer in a situation where cuts can be justified due to budget shortfalls–these cuts are purely malicious at this point.

Dunkerton Youth Subjected to Junkyard Prophets–A little heads up to any public school administrators who are planning assemblies: avoid religious groups.  Period.  First Amendment.  End of story.

My dad weighs in on the issue of efficiency–My father brought a clear and informed perspective to the discussion on fuel efficiency that I began last week.


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