Governor Branstad to out of state online school companies: Take our open enrollment dollars, please

Despite the disastrous effects experienced by Colorado when they allowed all-online schools to operate in their state, Governor Brandstad is eager to let similar companies set up shop here in Iowa.  I covered this issue in some depth previously, but I just wanted to add the Governor’s comments from today to the discussion.

Governor urges reluctant legislators to embrace on-line academies by O. Kay Henderson, from Radio Iowa, Mar. 12, 2012

Governor Terry Branstad is urging legislators to embrace on-line learning academies as part of the education reform package that is scheduled for debate in the Iowa House later today.

“There’s a place for technology to augment and improve learning opportunities that weren’t available in the past,” Branstad says. “We shouldn’t outlaw or prevent those innovative ideas.”


“Technology’s not the total answer,” Branstad says. “You know, we’ve said a quality teacher in every classroom and having a great principal in every building, those are critically important, but also let’s recognize that today’s kids definitely know how to use technology.”

Just to be clear, Governor Branstad, the bill you are supporting will take our education dollars out of our state thus making it that much harder to provide a quality teacher in every classroom and a great principal in every building.  Add that to the dubious nature of all-online education and I absolutely do not understand what you can see as an upside to allowing these companies to operate in Iowa.  As I have said, as the ISEA as said, as every educator I know has said, technology is a great way for students to access information and classes not available to them otherwise WITHIN their own local schools.


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