OMG, I agree with Chuck Grassley!

Granted, it’s not on a real substantive issue, such as his opposition to the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act, but I agree with Senator Grassley that the History Channel seems not to be living up to the lofty ideals that its name suggests.

Grassley picks bone with shows on History by Dan Piller from the Des Moines Register, Mar. 12, 2012

“There’s no history on the History channel anymore,” Grassley said last week. “They should change the name. I don’t think shows about trucks driving on ice or guys chopping wood really qualifies as history.”

“I like history,” said the senator from Iowa. “We need more history on TV. We have 225 years of history that our young people need to know about.”

Grassley has become one of the more prolific users of Twitter in Congress, and recently tweeted “I turn to History channel frequently bc I like history. There is nevr any history unless u r an antique dealer. Change name!”

Preach it Brother Senator Chuck!!  I try not to bring up the fact that the DailyDisgust family no longer owns a television, because to bring that up makes one sound like, well, this guy described in the Onion.  But it is the fact that the so-called “History Channel” has a program hosted by Daniel Lawrence Whitney that makes me feel really, really good about that decision.  Daniel Lawrence Whitney is, of course, better known by his stage name, Larry the Cable Guy.


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