Eh, I’m okay with this resolution: Dunkerton principal resigns

The JH/HS principal in Dunkerton who arranged for the appearance of Junkyard Prophet has resigned.  He is the one who arranged for the show, which anyone should have known would result in a clear violation of the First Amendment.  Goodbye, sir.

Dunkerton principal to announce resignation Monday by Amie Steffen in the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier, Mar. 13, 2012

A secondary school principal who recommended a controversial Minnesota ministry to a school assembly will tender his resignation Monday, the superintendent confirmed.

Nevertheless, the official district line is that his resignation is unrelated to that assembly.

Principal Mike Cooper, who oversees grades 7-12 in Dunkerton, did not want to comment on the situation until the meeting tonight.

But Superintendent Jim Stanton confirmed that the plan has been “something in the works” for nearly a month and is “not at all” related to Cooper’s role in the assembly.

“This has been something that has been coming for a long time,” Stanton said. “He simply wants to be a superintendent.”

I’m okay with him being allowed to leave like this.  I certainly hope that whatever district accepts his application for superintendent takes into consideration his evident lack of judgement.

Follow this link for a video of the group’s return to the area to defend their message.  The video is edited by Micah Graham of the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier and shows what slimy assholes these guys are.  Props and respect to the protesters who countered their argument of hatred and divisiveness.



One Comment on “Eh, I’m okay with this resolution: Dunkerton principal resigns”

  1. Photos close to home says:

    I suspect he and the school district he will superintend may be in for some problems.

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