This Disgusting Week, v. 6

A quick review of the disgusting and disappointing things I have posted about this week. There are certainly many more awful things out there than I have time to cover, so keep in mind that you should continue to be dismayed and disheartened even if you can wrap your head and heart around these things.

Online schools in Iowa–CAM and Clayton school districts seem to be on track to begin open enrolling students from all over Iowa for online-only education.

Fun with semantics–This past week the Chronicle of Higher Education reported on semantic changes advocated by an organization of for-colleges.

Dunkerton Youth Subjected to Junkyard Prophets–A follow up on last week’s story on Dunkerton’s moronic overtly Christian and homophobic assembly.

Grassley and I agree–I cannot stress enough that the issue Sen. Grassley and I agree on is a trivial one, and that I most certainly disagree with his stance on the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

Those damn Iowa Native stickers–This week I finally got around to writing about my pet peeve.  Funny story, though–I once asked a young woman wearing an Iowa Native shirt what she meant by it.  Her response: I dunno, I’m from Chicago.

  • Iowa Nativism.  A brief meditation on the stickers, and an excuse to show off JD and my bumpers.

And, finally, half naked men–I don’t know what is more disgusting, the fact that our politicians are subjected to paparazzi, or the fact that I am willing to post their beach pics.


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