A spring too soon

Today marks the official first day of spring.  Here in Iowa that usually means a promise of warming temperatures and a slowly greening landscape.  Not this year!  After a year with no winter, we are now seeming to catapult straight into summer with nary a crisp spring day in sight.

We are in the midst of a second week with temperatures in the seventies and even some eighties.  Last week we had an eerie post-apocalyptic feeling as we sweated it out with the trees still dormant and the ground still brown.  In just one short week, the trees are now budding, the lawns are growing, and I’m freaking the heck out!

I walked the dog after school today and no fewer than three of my neighbors were mowing their yards.  It is WAY too early for me to be feeling bad for not getting my yard mowed sooner!

Several weeks ago, Ms. DailyDisgust trimmed some branches from a few of our redbuds and brought them inside to force them to bloom.  I joked at the time that it would be funny if the trees in the yard flowered at the same time as the ones she was forcing.  Not so funny when that turned out to be the case.

Our garden is suddenly well behind schedule.  A survey today found that our asparagus patch is already weeded over, and our perennials are struggling to grow through the remnants of last year’s plants.  We’re supposed to have March to clean it out!


2 Comments on “A spring too soon”

  1. When I moved to Iowa in November, I left my old lawnmower behind in New York, thinking I’d have PLENTY of time to buy a new one in Des Moines . . . . but I haven’t done so yet, and I have recently realized that I am probably THAT GUY on the block now who doesn’t cut his lawn until it reaches shin height . . . I am guessing this is NOT the way to win friends and influence people in Iowa, so I’m off to the hardware store tomorrow to get a push mower, so at least I can be macho while succumbing to peer pressure . . .

  2. mbdechant says:

    But you have to admit… it’s kinda nice out there! Spring in full bloom is always a welcome sight. It just doesn’t feel as hard-earned this year.

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