Really, Press Citizen, really?

I’ll admit that the “really” bit was old and busted back four years ago when I was forced to ban it from my classroom, but I can’t think of better phrasing to question my trusty Iowa City newspaper, the Press Citizen, on their decision to not publish Doonesbury last week.  Really, Press Citizen, really?  The word “transvaginal” is too sexy-sounding for your readership, really? Really, Press Citizen, trenchant commentary on the degradation some American women are forced to endure in order to undergo a legal procedure is too controversial to be put in the pages of your precious paper, really?  Really, Press Citizen, in an educated college town you think we can’t handle a bit of sadly controversial current events mixed in with our funnies, really?

In all honesty I followed this story from afar, thinking that my Press Citizen would be above the hysteria surrounding last week’s Doonesbury.  Little did I know…

Thanks to Gawker, here’s the whole week reproduced:

(Click on the image to see full size.)


2 Comments on “Really, Press Citizen, really?”

  1. I’m a longtime Doonesbury fan, and the Des Moines Register also opted to remove this week’s strips from the comics page, although they (unconvincingly) tried to recover in the face of community outrage by running all the strips in the Sunday editorial section, and claiming that was their intent all along . . . (riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight . . . . )

    These really are uncomfortable strips, but bless Garry Trudeau for being willing to tackle topical subjects in the world of strip comics, an arena that’s become woefully lacking in controversy or meaning over the past couple of decades . . . .

  2. DailyDisgust says:

    I’m very impressed/pleased that Trudeau has managed to stay current and relevant for 40+ years. As a kid, my first history lessons about the seventies were via my family’s old Doonesbury books.

    Guess since the Register pulled them as well, it could well have been a Gannett-wide decision.

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