The Opposite of Disgust: The Obamas know and use basic sign language

This comes via Distriction (which I found via a Yahoo news story).

President Obama recently was greeted by deaf college student on a rope line with “I’m proud of you” in American Sign Language.  The President responded in ASL, with a “thank you.”  Check out the video:

Now it is up for debate as to whether or not the President understood the meaning of the young man’s signing, but the simple fact that he has taken the time to learn to at least minimally communicate with people different than him speaks volumes.

It turns out that the First Lady is also able to communicate in ASL:


4 Comments on “The Opposite of Disgust: The Obamas know and use basic sign language”

  1. Joel says:

    Communicating in a foreign language? Seems pretty liberal elite if you ask me…

    As Santorum pointed out, there’s a god damn reason there are federal laws dictating that ENGLISH is the national language of America. Speak it or leave it…

    • DailyDisgust says:

      Sadly there is a state law establishing English as the official language of Iowa. Des Moines must have gotten that Santorum soaked memo early.

    • Hey Joel, you sound very ignorant here. Although i am all for if you live in the US u need to speak the language, but not all Deaf people are able to speak. Plus even those who can communicate verbally can not understand verbal communication 100% and miss out on information. this is proven fact.

      in my personal opinion, the manual alphabet should be taught to school age children to eliminate the communication gap between hearing and deaf citizens.

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