Remember the good old days when people had the decency to dispose of their dead goats properly?

Remember the good old days?  Back when kids could ride their bikes all around town and you knew they’d be safe?  Back when people would hold the door for a stranger and wave after merging in traffic?  Back when, as Merle Haggard sang, a man could still work and still would?  Back when a man would dispose of his dead goats properly?  Well, old Merle, it looks like the good times really are over for good…

Rural Oelwein man faces charges after dead goat bodies found on his farm from the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier, Mar. 21, 2012

Tracy A. Rupright, 33, races five counts of duty to dispose of dead bodies after a complaint was called in that there were dead animals and a horrible smell coming from the property of 20121 20th St., Oelwein.

Now you might think that it would be hard to figure out what to do with your dead goats.  Turns out, however, that it is actually quite easy to figure it out–a simple google search unearthed myriad ag. extension information sheets on proper disposal of dead animals in general and dead goats in particular.  So I guess this really is just another sign of the ongoing decay of our nation’s moral fabric.

***Please note that authorities found no evidence of animal mistreatment on this farm–that is something that I would never discuss in such flippant terms.


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