Rick “Dick” Santorum doesn’t believe in math either

Having firmly established his disbelief in such topics as science and the separation of church and state, Santorum is broadening his realm of disbelief by adding math to the mix:
Santorum says ‘bad math’ makes Romney’s lead look bigger from FoxNews.com, Mar. 25, 2012

“There’s a lot of bad math there that doesn’t reflect the reality of what’s going on on the ground. And so I think we’re in much, much better shape than what the numbers that are out there suggest,” Santorum said in an interview.

The fact that Fox News seems to take a somewhat skeptical view of Santorum’s assertion leaves me wondering if I should believe him after all…


This Disgusting Week, vol. 7

A quick review of the disgusting and disappointing things I have posted about this week. There are certainly many more awful things out there than I have time to cover, so keep in mind that you should continue to be dismayed and disheartened even if you can wrap your head and heart around these things.

The Iowa River Landing killed Dolls Inc.

  • This was a blast from the disgusting past hearkening back to the days when Coraville forced Dolls out of business rather than allowing them to relocate.

A spring too soon.

  • A reflection on the hassles and headaches brought on by the early spring here in Iowa.

The Iowa River Landing poaching project persists.

  • Not content to merely steal Von Maur, the IRC developer has begun approaching longtime downtown Iowa City businesses.  I included an update on the lawsuit brought by local businesspeople seeking to stop the multi-million dollar giveaway to private business that Coralville is hoping to complete.  A ruling in this case is expect this week, so check back for more.

The Real Mitt Romney.

  • Frat boy humor rap in the form of Lonely Island et. al is well overdone at this point.  Presidential candidate mash up rap, now this is an area ripe for development.

Really, Press Citizen, really?

  • It wasn’t til the middle of this week that I realized that the Press Citizen had declined to print the controversial Doonesbury strips from the week before.  Really, Press Citizen?

The Opposite of Disgust: The Obamas know and use basic sign language.

  • Very cool to see the President and Mrs. Obama using ASL.

Mitt Romney tries to communicate with people different than himself

  • Willard M. Romney takes advantage of a photo op (in 2008) with a group of African Americans to break into “Who Let the Dogs Out.”  There could be a context wherein this wouldn’t be construed as offensive, but I’m having a hard time imagining one.

Remember the good old days when people had the decency to dispose of their dead goats properly?

  • The good times, it seems, really are over for good.

Rick “Dick” Santorum’s team tries their hand at B movie horror films

  • The Obamaville ad.  Depressing, disheartening, and distasteful.


Rick “Dick” Santorum’s team tries their hand at B movie horror films

This is frightening, distasteful, and repugnant only insofar as there is a demographic that will eat it up.  I take solace in the current balance of 11,143 dislikes to 847 likes on its youtube page.

Remember the good old days when people had the decency to dispose of their dead goats properly?

Remember the good old days?  Back when kids could ride their bikes all around town and you knew they’d be safe?  Back when people would hold the door for a stranger and wave after merging in traffic?  Back when, as Merle Haggard sang, a man could still work and still would?  Back when a man would dispose of his dead goats properly?  Well, old Merle, it looks like the good times really are over for good…

Rural Oelwein man faces charges after dead goat bodies found on his farm from the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier, Mar. 21, 2012

Tracy A. Rupright, 33, races five counts of duty to dispose of dead bodies after a complaint was called in that there were dead animals and a horrible smell coming from the property of 20121 20th St., Oelwein.

Now you might think that it would be hard to figure out what to do with your dead goats.  Turns out, however, that it is actually quite easy to figure it out–a simple google search unearthed myriad ag. extension information sheets on proper disposal of dead animals in general and dead goats in particular.  So I guess this really is just another sign of the ongoing decay of our nation’s moral fabric.

***Please note that authorities found no evidence of animal mistreatment on this farm–that is something that I would never discuss in such flippant terms.

Mitt Romney tries to communicate with people different than himself

This is from 2008, and all I can say is that I really, really, hope that it was taken out of context!

The Opposite of Disgust: The Obamas know and use basic sign language

This comes via Distriction (which I found via a Yahoo news story).

President Obama recently was greeted by deaf college student on a rope line with “I’m proud of you” in American Sign Language.  The President responded in ASL, with a “thank you.”  Check out the video:

Now it is up for debate as to whether or not the President understood the meaning of the young man’s signing, but the simple fact that he has taken the time to learn to at least minimally communicate with people different than him speaks volumes.

It turns out that the First Lady is also able to communicate in ASL:

Really, Press Citizen, really?

I’ll admit that the “really” bit was old and busted back four years ago when I was forced to ban it from my classroom, but I can’t think of better phrasing to question my trusty Iowa City newspaper, the Press Citizen, on their decision to not publish Doonesbury last week.  Really, Press Citizen, really?  The word “transvaginal” is too sexy-sounding for your readership, really? Really, Press Citizen, trenchant commentary on the degradation some American women are forced to endure in order to undergo a legal procedure is too controversial to be put in the pages of your precious paper, really?  Really, Press Citizen, in an educated college town you think we can’t handle a bit of sadly controversial current events mixed in with our funnies, really?

In all honesty I followed this story from afar, thinking that my Press Citizen would be above the hysteria surrounding last week’s Doonesbury.  Little did I know…

Thanks to Gawker, here’s the whole week reproduced:

(Click on the image to see full size.)