This Disgusting Week, vol. 10

So long, Dick:  Santorum dropped out this past week, after having claimed previous not to be losing, just winning in a different way.

Vlad, you’re breaking my heart:  Vladimir Guerrero, who was not signed by any team this year, was arrested in the Dominican Republic for allegedly attacking a police officer in a dance hall.

But will my Iowa chop taste as good without tetracycline?:  The FDA is finally getting around to making rules regarding the use of antibiotics and antimicrobials in animal production.  The problem?  Those rules are voluntary.

Does Kim Jong Un’s flaccid missile prove his impotency?:  My interpretation of a Washington Post headline.  In bad taste, I acknowledge, given the hardships being suffered by the North Korean people while their leadership pours money into failed efforts like this one.

Reblogged/Reposted items:

Hottest March in U.S. since records beganReblogged from eats shoots ‘n leaves.  Mo Rocca had a funny joke on Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me this weekend–he blamed it on la niñ and said that it could have been avoided had we better protected our borders.

Kirk Cameron on how to talk to Mormons: From Right Wing Watch via Christian Nightmares.  This guy is a dick, plain and simple.

Pat Robertson on Mitt Romney’s faith:  It’s clear that he’s not cool with Mormonism, but he thinks that Mitt would make a great president despite his faith.

***One more disgusting thing to add: I will admit to the past week being fairly lackluster here at the Daily Disgust.  Lots going on, etc, etc.  But the truth is, to quote Beck from a track off of Mutations: “it’s nobody’s fault/but my own.”


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