Iowa Environmental Focus

Last week, Iowa Public Radio released an intense report about the pollution issues in Muscatine.

Much of the pollution is linked to the Grain Processing Corporation (GPC). This company is currently under investigation by the Environmental Protection Agency for their air and water pollution. GPC provides a huge boost to the local economy, but critics also note that its pollution is causing health issues throughout the community.

Some of the Muscatine residents say the smog burns their eyes and gives them headaches.

Listen to the story here.

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  1. Rich says:

    When I heard this on the radio, I was thinking to myself, where else in the USA is this Muscatine? It sounds like a terrible place to live. Then it dawned on me that they were talking about Muscatine, yeah, less than 30 miles down the road. I just don’t get it when people put personal profit over the health of their fellow human beings. Where is the humanity?

  2. DailyDisgust says:

    Frightening, right. It reminds me of driving through a neighborhood near a similar facility in Clinton, Iowa. One person had erected a large sign in their yard: “ADM is a bad neighbor.”

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