Lou Henry Hoover and Mitt Romney respond from the past to the Romneys’ faux outrage

Since I am behind the curve on discussing the Romney’s “anger” over having the point raised that Ann Romney did not work outside the Romneys’ opulent home, I will look to the past for commentary on the issue.

First up, Lou Henry Hoover, wife of course of Herbert Hoover, 31st President of the United States.  In comments made to 200 Girl Scout leaders in 1926, while her husband was Secretary of Commerce (and famously “Undersecretary of Everything Else”):

In 1926, Lou told a group of two hundred International Girl Scout leaders that “even after marriage it is possible for a woman to have a career.”  Of the woman who worked exclusively as a homemaker, she said, “I think she is lazy.  The modern home is so small there is little work to do.”

(From the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum in lovely West Branch, Iowa.  Special research assistance from my friend JD–thanks, man.)

I guess in Ann Romney’s defense, the house she and the help maintained was likely quite large.

Second up is old Willard M. himself:

I guess in Ann Romney’s defense, she could probably use all the family wealth to assuage her feelings of lost dignity from staying home.

Of course the bigger issue gets lost in the back and forth of whether or not Ann Romney was a “working” mom: regardless of whether she is considered to have been working or not, Ann Romney has next to no insight on the economic concerns of women outside the 1%.


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