Who will speak for the corporations?

Chuck Grassley, of course!

Sometimes I think I should give up writing a blog and just repost tweets that Chuck Grassley makes.  This is a good one:

U might think abt not drinking Coca Cola since company sucombed to pressure fr Leftist not to support ALEC

My goodness, those mean leftists.  Don’t they know it is their responsibility to buy a product regardless of the political actions of the company that makes that product?  That’s how it works, right Chuck?

Anti-Coke remark a ‘tweet of frustration,’ Grassley says by Jon Erickson in the Cedar Rapids Gazette Apr. 25, 2012

Coca-Cola was one of at least a dozen corporations that stopped financial support for ALEC after receiving pressure from liberal-leaning groups, particularly after the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida. Coca-Cola was also the first company to part ways with ALEC that Grassley noticed.

“I kind of resent it when corporations will submit to that kind of blackmail. Corporations ought to be able to speak freely. If they want to support ALEC, they should be able to support ALEC,” Grassley said.

Corporations ought to be able to speak freely (and they are more than ever thanks to Citizens United) and people, of course, should be free to spend their money as they choose.

I realize that a lot of the money I spend ends up going to people and causes that I don’t support.  I wish that I could say I was better about voting with my dollars.  The Center for Political Accountability and the Coalition for Accountability in Political Spending are two readily available sources for information on the political spending of corporations.


One Comment on “Who will speak for the corporations?”

  1. Rich says:

    Did you try the ‘Checking Influence’ (on the CAP$ website) personal audit to see which political party your spending supports?

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