Watching Iowa’s legacy wash away

This is “Soil and Water Conservation Week” here in Iowa, as declared by Governor Branstad.  There will be activities this week throughout the state highlighting conservation practices both in agricultural and urban areas.  While there are myriad examples of farmers, factories, and cities doing the right thing as far as our earth is concerned, high prices for corn and beans are leading to real damage being done to the land that we love.  Waterways are being plowed under, fence rows that provided a buffer are being torn out, and marginal land that was not worth farming is being put into production.  This all leads to the erosion of the topsoil that made the Iowa we know and love possible.  Often this erosion isn’t obviously evident, but at times it is:


One Comment on “Watching Iowa’s legacy wash away”

  1. […] posted before about farmers pushing the edges of the fields outward and planting in areas not fit for row crops. […]

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