Rand Paul on Obama: “I wasn’t sure his views on marriage could get any gayer”

Jeebus, what an ass.

One of the things I like about living in Iowa is the fact that politicians come here to pander.  Granted, I don’t think that’s a good thing, but it is something I enjoy.

Such as, for example, I enjoyed meeting Sam Brownback when he came to the Johnson County Fair in 2007.  I told him that I was glad he was in Johnson County, which was the truth–I love the front row seat afforded me by this state’s outsize role in the nominating process.  Two things I was unsure about:  Why he came to Johnson County (the bluest county in a purple state) and why he chose to talk to me first–the tatooed liberal dude surrounded by roughly a dozen true believers.

The author in svelter, younger days with Sam Brownback


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