I love the smell of burning garbage in the morning

Iowa City’s Great Garbage Fire of 2012 continues for the fifth day, with estimates for an end to the noxious nuisance in the one week range.  My pastoral idyllic drive into Iowa City has taken on a charming post-apocalyptic feel, and the odor of the burning tires shreds from the landfill lining is as pleasant as the smoke plume is beautiful!

Expert: Iowa City landfill fire large, challenging by Gregg Hennigan for the Cedar Rapids Gazette, May 29, 2012

At 7.5 acres, the fire would be considered large, said Tony Sperling of Landfill Fire Control Inc. His Vancouver, Canada-based company specializes in helping landfill owners put out and prevent fires.

Another complication, he said, is that what is burning is the landfill lining, which is made up of shredded tires. That means it’s essentially a tire fire, he said, which are notoriously difficult to extinguish.

“You have a real problem with that,” Sperling said.

The fire started at the city-owned landfill, located just west of town, on Saturday night. The city at this time is planning to let the fire burn itself out, saying that’s the safest and most cost-efficient thing to do.

A question: if the floods of 2008 were Iowa’s Katrina (not a term I’d use personally) is this Iowa’s BP Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Spill?


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