Anti teacher chicanery in the run up to Wisconsin’s recall election

Supporters of Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker in Janesville  have distributed fliers anonymously listing the salaries of that city’s highest paid teachers along with information on how to search to see if those teachers signed the petition to recall the governor.  The flier had a tear-off portion for parents to send in to the school district to request their child be moved to the classroom of a “non-radical” teacher.  Nice work guys–way to inform the public about those teachers with the radical desire to have a voice at the bargaining table and protection from abuses by school administrations.

Video report from NBC15 here.


2 Comments on “Anti teacher chicanery in the run up to Wisconsin’s recall election”

  1. Adam says:

    What an odd tactic. I’ll bet demonization of teachers is much easier when it’s not your kid’s teacher.

    • DailyDisgust says:

      It is an odd approach indeed. And for the record, had I lived in Wisconsin at the time of the recall petition, I would have been one of those “radical” teachers signing. I like to think that doesn’t negatively affect the learning of my students.

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