The Opposite of Disgust: It is June 11 and the Pirates are in (a tie for) 1st in the NL Central

Five games above five-hundred and tied with the Reds for first in the NL Central.  Obviously a lot of baseball yet to be played this year, but my goodness this feels good!  The last nineteen years (!!) and last year’s post All-Star break collapse help keep this all in perspective, of course.

I’ve said for a number of years (as probably every small-money team’s fan has) that the (Devil) Ray’s give me hope.  Good perspective on that issues comes from Pat Lackey who writes the Pirates blog Where Have You Gone Andy Van Slyke:

This is Water by Pat Lackey Jun. 8, 2012

This Pirate team does not look like the Tampa Bay Rays. They’re an assortment of underrated pitching castoffs, once mediocre players past their prime, middling young players that may or may not ever have a prime, and Andrew McCutchen. Early in the season, when they couldn’t hit all, they looked very, very bad despite a decent record. These last two weeks or so, with the offense perking up, they suddenly look quite good. We’re only through 56 games so far; they could be either of those two things or they (more likely) will fall somewhere in between.

Personally I’m just glad not to be using my personal catch phrase from a few years back: .400 is the new .500.

Go Bucs.


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