Fungus detected on bat in Maquoketa Caves

This shit scary. No funny spin possible.

Iowa Environmental Focus

A low-level detection of fungus in the Maquoketa Caves leads to new precautions against spreading white-nose syndrome.

As noted on Iowa Environmental Focus in the past, white-nose syndrome is a fungal infection that has devastated bat populations in North America. Fearing the spread of infection, the Maquoketa Caves were closed for about two years before opening in April.

Recently, a swab sample taken from a bat in the Maquoketa Caves was found to contain low-levels of the fungus. Because of this, the focus at the Maquoketa Caves has switched from keeping the fungus out, to making sure the fungus does not get out.

Visitors at the caves now must walk on mats with disinfection solution. Additionally, the Department of Natural Resources will continue to educate visitors about the fungus.

Read more form the Iowa DNR here.

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