So, And you Believe You Have A Free Choice On The News You Get? – Infographic

I’ve seen this infographic pop up a few places–scary stuff.

The Main Street Analyst

It seems like in today’s world there are fewer and fewer people making choices for the greater good. What I mean to say is that everything in our world seems to be able to be consolidated. The media of course is no exception to this trend with only 6 major companies dictating about 90% of the media we have access to. In less than 30 years the number of companies providing us with our media has dropped from 50 to just 6. The six companies consisting of GE, New-corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS. If your wondering who owns the major networks its CBS of course, GE owns NBC, News-corp owns fox, and Disney owns ABC.

A reason for concern is the gross misrepresentation have so few companies controlling so much causes. According to today’s infogaphic Media Consolidaiton: The Illusion of Choice there is one media executive to every…

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2 Comments on “So, And you Believe You Have A Free Choice On The News You Get? – Infographic”

  1. Adam says:

    I wonder if 90% of media market share is the same as “90% of what we read, watch, or listen to.” Thanks, though, for raising the point that concentration of media ownership is real and limits our access to different perspectives.

    • DailyDisgust says:

      Well, I certainly hope that it isn’t 90% of what I personally choose to listen to or read.

      The fact of false choice is pretty clear however. A similar thing has happened in food as well–the big companies have just bought up small organic companies or simply created their own separate labels.

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