Gov. Branstad gets a jump on demonizing state workers

With union negotiations coming up later this year, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad wants to make sure that Iowans know what greedy, selfish, terrible people Iowa state employees are.

Branstad volunteers to pay 20 percent of his health care costs by Jason Clayworth, the Des Moines Register, Jul. 2, 2012

Gov. Terry Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds announced Monday that they will begin paying 20 percent of their health care premium costs starting August 1, an effort to push state employees to follow.

The effort was almost immediately followed by both praise and criticism.

Democrats and Iowa union leader Danny Homan accused Branstad of being out-of-touch. They noted that his $130,000 annual salary and roughly $50,000 in payment from a state retirement account puts him in a better position than lower-paid employees who would pay a far greater percent of their income to health care premiums.

“It’s outrageous that Terry Branstad thinks it’s okay to bully hard working state employees. It’s not fair to compare himself to a mail clerk or a custodial worker with the state of Iowa,” said Homan of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

What, these employees won’t give up their benefits that their union negotiated for?  God, what jerks.  And you know what, that nearly billion dollar state surplus won’t grow itself without these greedy selfish workers taking a cut to their already meager salaries!

I’d like to buy the governor some carrots!  (No real harm wished, FYI)


One Comment on “Gov. Branstad gets a jump on demonizing state workers”

  1. mbstevenson says:

    You don’t want to be a good steward of the taxpayer dollars?

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