The Opposite of Disgust: Dude, those Pirates

Text from my friend Joel the other day summed up the Pirates’ first half perfectly: “Dude, those Pirates.”  Great to be at the All-Star break with the team eleven games over .500 and in sole possession of first in the NL Central.  Obviously a lot of baseball to be played yet this year, but damn it does feel good.

For actual meaningful insight into the Pirates, check out these great Bucco blogs:

Where Have You Gone Andy Van Slyke?

Generation 20

James Santelli

Double Bonus Opposite of Disgust: Going to see the Bucs play in Milwaukee this Sunday with my dad.

Go Bucs!


2 Comments on “The Opposite of Disgust: Dude, those Pirates”

  1. Synonymous with Disgust: I have been a Royals fan since the early 1970s. I thought moving to the Midwest might make it possible for me to share the pain . . . but I’ve yet to meet anybody in Des Moines that will actually admit to liking Kansas City’s finest. I still suffer in silence, a wallowing victim of the Curse of Joaquin Andujar . . .

    • DailyDisgust says:

      Oddly enough there seem to be pockets of Pirates fans wherever I go, many of whom seem to have no real Pittsburgh connection.

      Hopefully you manage to make it to a game or two in KC given your relative proximity.

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