500 miles, 10 hrs driving, 93 deg. heat: Brewers 4 – Pirates 1

I got to see the Pirates play for the first time in a few years this past Sunday.  Originally the plan was to go with my father who graciously bought us some of the best tickets I’ve ever had to a game.  This plan was shot when it turned out pops had to fly to India to pick up a Tibetan Buddhist monk–long (I guess not all that long) story.

Instead I took my good friend’s eight year old son for his first MLB game.  Now, this kid’s father grew up with me under the Pirates tutelage of Mike Lybarger, but somehow the fandom didn’t stick.  My young companion cheered for the Brewers–acceptable, I guess, since he does live in Madison.  Wanting to support the tyke’s love of baseball, I did buy him a Brewers hat:

Cheering for the wrong team is better than cheering for no team.

The game itself, unfortunately, was fairly unremarkable.  What promised to be a good pitching duel between A.J. Burnett and Yovani Gallardo turned out to be rather one-sided in Gallardo’s favor.  Yovani had 14 strikeouts while A.J. got himself into and out of trouble in multiple innings before giving up four runs in the sixth.  Andrew McCutchen lived up to his MVP candidate status going 3-4 with a HR, but that was about it offensively for the Bucs.  Trust me, after 19 years (!!) of losing, it doesn’t take much to get disheartened anew.

A couple of pictures from the game:

I wish this was a shot of McCutchen’s HR, but no, it’s a serious swinging strike.

Walker loses his bat in the process of striking out.

I actually got to see several of these Pirates play in the minors in 2009.  I took my nephew to a Charlotte Knights’ game while my now wife shopped for a wedding dress with her mom and sister–fortuitously the Knights were playing the Pirates’ AAA team, the Indianapolis Indians.

Andrew McCutchen, Garret Jones, and Neil Walker in the Indianapolis Indians lineup in 2009.

Go Bucs!


The Brat loses the Sausage race to Italian Sausage. A real slap in the face to hardworking Wisconsonian encased processed meat fans everywhere.


2 Comments on “500 miles, 10 hrs driving, 93 deg. heat: Brewers 4 – Pirates 1”

  1. Adam says:

    But you got to see the sausage race, right?

  2. DailyDisgust says:

    I did. And I will add a picture of it to the post. I have/had a couple problems with the whole thing, however.

    First, as a Pirates fan, I still feel residual bit of shame from the Randall Simon incident: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3V9kJw-kWQ8

    Second, on the day I attended, the Italian sausage won. Now, no offense to Italian-Wisconsonians, but every race that the Brat does not win is an affront to the pride of myself and all other true Wisconsin statriots.

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