And we thought WI was bad: The DailyDisgust family took a swim in lake Erie

Regular readers (all four of you) may remember that the DailyDisgust recently heard a report on bad water quality at beaches in Wisconsin right after swimming at beaches in Wisconsin.  Not content with having swum in potentially dirty water, we visited a beach on Lake Erie that we knew had serious problems.

Ms. DailyDisgust grew up about a half an hour outside of Cleveland, and we were back there this past weekend visiting her grandmother.  Given that BabyDisgust has taken a real liking to swimming recently, we decided to take her to the beach her mother and aunt frequented growing up.  Warned by friends that this beach was known for contamination, we decided to do a quick google search for any water quality issues.  And, whoa buddy, did we find some!

Report ranks Lakeview Park beach second-dirtiest in state by Cindy Leise for the Chronicle-Telegram, Jun. 28, 2012

Last year, Lakeview had the dubious distinction of having the second-dirtiest water in Ohio, exceeding the standard 51 percent of the time.

Whoa doggers, that’s a dirty beach.  And how does Ohio rate when compared to other states, you might ask?

Ohio’s beaches rank 29th out of 30 states, according to the 22nd annual beach water quality report released Wednesday by the Natural Resources Defense Council, a nonprofit environmental organization.

Whoa Nelly, that’s a state with some dirty beaches.

Even knowing this, we still decided to head on up and enjoyed a pleasant swim.  There was only one red flag displayed which indicated an elevated risk–we just made sure to keep the baby’s face out of the water and gave her a bath as soon as we got back from the beach.


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