Hank Williams Jr., an ass and an idiot, at the Iowa State Fair

Yet another year has gone by with me not making it to the state fair.  Given Hank William Jr.’s comments during his performance this year, I guess I feel pretty good about that.

Surprising no one, Williams got in a good old ignorant jab at the President towards the end of his set:

Hank Williams Jr. brings country hits and political jabs to the fair by Joe Lawler for Metromix Des Moines, Aug. 2012

Following the song “We Don’t Apologize For America” a chant of “USA, USA” broke out amongst the crowd. Williams smiled, telling the crowd that he was their mouth piece and adding:

“We’ve got a Muslim president who hates farming, hates the military, hates the US and we hate him!”

Now, like I said, no one should have been surprised by this outburst.  Recently Williams has begun to augment his cashing in on his father’s name with public statements about the President that are equal parts hateful and misinformed.  What I was surprised and disappointed about was the crowd’s reaction:

The cheers that followed were loud and enthusiastic.

Seriously, what were the fair organizers thinking?  I disagree with rejecting musicians simply because of their political views, but courting them and promoting them in spite of frequent vocal misinformed and destructive rantings seems like poor practice to me.

As an aside, I felt the same way when Coralville had Charlie Daniels perform at 4th Fest a number of years back after his 9/11 response song stoked racial/religious hatred with the lyrics “This ain’t no rag it’s a flag / And we don’t wear it on our heads.”


4 Comments on “Hank Williams Jr., an ass and an idiot, at the Iowa State Fair”

  1. Rich says:

    Republicans of their ilk, only reinforce the perception that it is the party of mis-infomed, ignorant, racists.

  2. Photos close to home says:

    Re: Cheers for Williams Jr. outburst: The Republican southern strategy is working.

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