StreamingDisgust: The first Presidential Debate

Enjoy the first Presidential debate courtesy this live feed from ABC News via youtube.



2 Comments on “StreamingDisgust: The first Presidential Debate”

  1. Rich says:

    Watched the debate tonight. Romney did a good job but still needs to be a lot more specific on how he’s going to preserve tax cuts, cut the budget deficit and create 12 million jobs at the same time. Sure sounds good but I heard nothing to indicate how he’ll do it. His answer is always that the federal gov’t is not the answer (to education, to healthcare, to creating jobs, etc.) That the federal government just gets in the way of progress. Then why do we even need him to be president? And if one state implements something that is successful and good, why the hell not try to duplicate it around the country? That’s not a sound “business” strategy. When Walmart started in the deep south and did such a great job with their supply chains, didn’t they duplicate it around the world? McDonalds? Intel? Apple? All big companies expand a successful strategy – globalize it to maximize profit and take advantage of economies of scale – negotiating lower prices through volume discounts! Why shouldn’t the gov’t use it’s huge purchasing power to drive down costs from providers? (If the federal gov’t does the same as business it saves tax payer money! Romney should know that!!).

    Same concept with health care. If one state does something well in health care (comes up with a really great idea like MA) shouldn’t the federal government do what’s in the best interest of the country and scale it to size to benefit the greater good? Cancer patients, diabetics, obese, MS, Parkinson’s, you name it. Are they not all the same no matter where they live? How can Romney be so proud of his bipartisan health care plan in MA and denigrate it so much on a national stage? Also, how can Romney argue so forcefully that we need to cut the size of the federal government and reign in entitlements while at the same time bash Obama’s cuts to Medicare? (whose cuts do not affect seniors but rather put the onus on health care providers, hospitals, doctors, etc. who need to work smarter). Such hypocrisy! “Are Romney’s plans are so good that he’s got to keep them a secret?” Good one Obama!!

    • Dan says:

      Appreciate your commentary, Rich! It certainly was disheartening listening to/watching that debate.

      We couldn’t get the debate on the radio this past Thursday as we were driving north, but I sure as hell did enjoy watching the Vice President call it like it is on youtube when we got home!

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