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  1. melissa says:

    I find it hard to stomach a hospital that would so openly put money and pop music above the good of all people in their care….sadly however, I feel that most hospitals probably would have done the same…it is after all, about the money.

    • dailydisgust says:

      I think a Costa Rica type system would be great–public hospitals with good care available to all, and private hospitals for rich people who want to not be with those little people.

      And a million thanks for being the first ever commenter on my blog!

  2. Rich says:

    Great piece about athletics in universities and the outrageous leaps in salaries for college coaches versus other faculty/admin. And of course, I agree with you about keeping IPERS a defined benefit plan. WTF Illinois! You have enough of your own problems. IL Republicans are just frustrated they can’t get anything done in democratically controlled IL so try out their shenanigans in a state that’s politically shizophrenic – thanks for that one Mr. Bloom!

  3. the hunter says:

    Current agreements would transfer a 7.2-acre site from the city to private developer Oliver McMillan for $1.5 million, with the stipulation that Oliver McMillan then transfer the property to Von Maur for $10 and take other actions to develop the site. The agreements also would provide Von Maur with a $9.47 million grant to offset construction costs for the new store.
    and in same article above:
    City officials have said the incentives used to draw Von Maur are warranted because the anchor store will be a strong draw to shoppers and help attract other businesses to Iowa River Landing.
    So, take a gander at Von Maur’s own website.


    Von Maur offers FREE FedEx Home Delivery shipping anywhere in the United States. No matter how much you spend or where you send it, shipping is on us.


    Von Maur offers FREE gift wrapping for any occasion, all year round. With that genuine Von Maur finishing touch, they’ll know that it’s something special, before they even open it.


    The Von Maur Charge Card is FREE of fees, offers the freedom of flexible payment schedules and, of course, is always interest FREE. Von Maur believes that you shouldn’t have to pay, to pay. Learn more and apply today!
    They also have a pianist in their lobby to delectably “entice the buying atmosphere” as an “added plus” to their environmental psychology.
    I’ll bet ‘ma ‘n pa’ shops would like to be given just a little bit subsidy to further some of “their dreams” on how they want to present their shop(s)
    to the buying public. BUT here ya got a “so called high end retailer” who charges some cha-ching for their product while promoting all the “extra
    goodies as benefits” IF you shop at their store. SO … they can’t do this on their own dime? They gotta get a subsidy to do so? Some will point to the fact that the grant to Von Maur is for construction costs. Seems if Von Maur was getting freebies from taxpayers of Coralville that they would in turn then pay off those freebies over time. NO … WAIT … instead of paying back the construction costs of a new store Von Maur’s gonna use “that goodwill capital” to give away free wrappig, free shipping & interest free charges !!! Well, DUH, NOTHING IS FREE IN LIFE so EXACTLY WHERE WILL THESE “PERKS” COME FROM? those with blinders on & no logic in their brain will say ‘Von Maur’ when actually it’ the local taxpayers who will be footing this bill. So what do the taxpayers say. WHAT”S THAT YOU SAY? NO local discourse in a public forum to review & discuss the transfer of taxpayers monies via a TIF to help out a “high end retailer” ? SAD SAD state of affairs you must admit.
    I’ll give ya a simple lesson taught by a popular comic strip from a few years ago BUT STILL HOLDS TRUE !!!

    thank you for your time,
    the hunter righting_injustice@usa.com
    p.s. Even if Coralville, Oliver-McMillan & Von Maur win in court do you really think in the realm of public opinion & the PR battle that their stance will win the majority? IF you believe so then I’ve got some ideal vacation spots to sell you in Afghanistan.

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