How to poison birdseed

Hey asshole, if you’ve found my blog by searching “how to poison birdseed,” do us a favor and poison yourself!

I enjoy reading through the various search terms that bring people to my blog.  The top two make me pretty happy actually: “Monsanto billboard” and “Iowa native sticker.  But I could do without the reminder that some people take to the web with the desire to do such terrible things as poison birds.

The pages that the above terms bring people to:

Greener lawns and deader birds, thanks Scotts!

Monsanto’s Black America’s Farmers Billboard and John Boyd, Jr., President of the National Black Farmers Association on the Monsanto Monopoly

Iowa Nativism


Are you ready for some mediocre commentary on not quite current events? Well, DailyDisgust is back online!

I spent three days pleasantly isolated in the woods of northern Wisconsin with my family.  Aside from some poorly programmed pop radio, I was happily isolated from the media, the internet, and my email.  While it is somewhat humbling to come back out of the woods realizing that one hasn’t been missed, it is good to be back in the know and in possession of indoor plumbing!

The opposite of disgust: Vacation

The DailyDisgust family heads to northern Wisconsin tomorrow for a week of camping. Posting here, which seems to have slowed to a trickle recently, will be shut off till our return.

Coming Monday at noon Iowa time: the first ever Daily Disgust exclusive

I am happy to share that the first ever Daily Disgust exclusive is in the works.  It will interest literally ones of people!  I’ll be writing the item this evening and setting it to be auto-posted tomorrow at noon Iowa time.

This Disgusting Week, vol. 9

I tried to take the week off from writing DailyDisgust to coincide with my mini spring break from school.  However, cold weather in Arkansas made my wife and I postpone our trip to Arkansas–camping when the lows are  in the mid-forties is no good for a ten-month old baby, no matter how badass she is.  Finding myself at home, I couldn’t help but to write a couple of posts.  I’m breaking this week’s roundup into two parts, original things that I wrote and items that I reposted from some of my favorite blogs that I follow.

Original content (well, as original as any mediocre blog post that I write can be)

A roundup of rational responses to Ryan’s ridiculously ruinous budget.  If the Republicans would like to debate the issue of providing a safety net to the poor, sick, and elderly in our society, that is one thing.  But if they would like to suggest cutting that safety net as part of a proposal to increase defense spending and decrease taxes on the wealthy, well, forget the debate, they can just shove it up their…

If Coralville were a state, it would be New Jersey.  Coralville loves to give up future tax income to lure business away from neighboring communities.  New Jersey does the same on a much larger scale.  Insert fat joke about Chris Christie and scales here.

Reposted pieces

Chart of the day: Cui bono?  From Richard at eats shoots ‘n leaves.  The benefits of increased productivity over the last 35 years have not gone to the middle class.  Richard got the graph from Econospeak.

Chart of the day: Politicians for sale, not cheap.  From Richard at eats shoots ‘n leaves.  Certain industries spend a lot of money exercising their first amendment freedom to petition their government for redress of their grievances.  Richard got this table from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Ann Romney Works Blue.  From Embattled Farmers.  Ann Romney tells an unintentionally dirty joke about her husband.

Grain Processing Corp. receives violation notice from EPA.  From Iowa Environmental Focus.  GPC has been long ignoring state and federal air quality regulations.

Elevated air pollution yesterday a cause for concern in SE Iowa, elsewhere.  From the Iowa Environmental Council.  Air pollution cluster around Muscatine County.  GPC?

Mitt Sweeps!  From Embattled Farmers.  Mitt won in MD, WI, and DC.  Time to give up the ghost, Newt, Dick, and Ron.

Chart of the day: Blood on the Newsroom Floor.  From Richard at eats shoots ‘n leaves.  There are fewer newsroom jobs today than there were in 1978.  Richard got this graph from Reflections of a Newsosaur.

This Disgusting Week, vol. 8

Rick “Dick” Santorum doesn’t believe in math either.  This was written before the latest round of primaries.  At this point, it seems that old “”Dick” does get the math, but, like the Honey Badger, he don’t give a shit.

Madonna grasps at relevancy by dropping drug references.  It must be tough trying to stay relevant when you are a middle aged woman in a young persons game.  Madonna is proving yet again that she would rather grasp at any straw of hipness rather than to age gracefully.

Scooped by Paul Krugman!  I’d long been meaning to write about the insidious organization ALEC that provides model ultra conservative legislation to legislators around the nation.  Good old Dr. Paul K., Nobel laureate, beat me to it.  I concede this round, Dr. Paul.

Notes and thoughts on the healthcare issue.  None too insightful, just some things I was/am thinking as the health care case sits in front of the Supreme Court.  One final thought on the issue, courtesy Jeffrey Toobin in the Apr. 9 issue of the New Yorker: “No one expects the Justices to be making health-care policy any more than we expect them to be picking Presidents, which, it may be remembered, is not exactly their strength, either.”

Judge Marsha Bergan rules in favor of Coralville in Iowa River Landing hearing.  Coralville wins round one in the court case seeking to block their generous giveaway to Von Maur.

Rick “Dick” Santorum to WI youth: “You’re not going to use the pink ball”  The real problem with Santorum staying in the race is that it gives far too many Americans the opportunity to signal their approval of his particular brand of small minded bigotry.  Can you believe how much support this schmuck has garnered despite his off the charts idiocy and hatred?

Pink slime, what’s the crime?  Unless you’re willing to give up all mass produced meat, you can’t justifiably be pissed off about pink slime.  Our meat production from the feed lot to the slaughterhouse is pretty fracked up.

Judge Marsha Bergan declines to dismiss Iowa River Landing suit.  Having won round one, with Judge Bergan declining to issue an injunction on the land deal, Coralville went for a knockout punch asking for the whole case to be thrown out.  Judge Bergan declined that request, so we will get to see this thing played out in court.  I’m sure that Coralville will prevail, but I do hope that their slimy machinations come more fully into the light.

Cold nights in Arkansas

It figures that after not having a winter at all and complaining about it, cold weather in Arkansas would force a postponement of our family vacation down that way since we wouldn’t be able to camp.  So it goes.