Environment Iowa’s “10 Scary Facts Plaguing Iowa’s Waterways”

Scary stuff!

Iowa Environmental Focus

For Halloween, Environment Iowa released a list of ten discouraging facts about how Iowa’s waterways are being harmed.

The list includes the increasing number of fish kills in Iowa, the large amounts of phosphorous and nitrogen entering the waterways and the small percentage of animal feeding operations with the required environmental permits.

Read the whole list here.

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Mr. Fish: Baseball Mitt

eats shoots 'n leaves

From his blog of foudroyant fulminations, Clowncrack.

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Which Republican Will You Vote For?

Arlen Grossman with The Big Picture Report has a great piece here about the choice that we will make in November. Please click through, it’s well worth the read.

thebigpicturereport ™


By Arlen Grossman/ The Big Picture Report

On November 6, we will choose a Moderate Republican–Barack Obama–or a Radical Right Republican–Mitt Romney–to be President of the United States.

Yes, I know that there will be a “Democrat” listed on the ballot, the incumbent president Barack Obama. But the Democratic Party I’ve always known has disappeared. It is no longer the party of the working class, minorities, the elderly and the poor. That Democratic Party began slipping away about forty years ago and has been replaced by a party beholden to powerful corporate interests.

The political pendulum has swung far to the right. The Radical Right Republican (RRR) Party makes little secret of the fact it is owned and supported by wealthy business interests. Everything they do or legislation they propose is designed to benefit the One Percent. The Moderate Republican (AKA the Democratic Party) is just slightly better. It’s…

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Jesus this is scary: a printable gun in the works

Disruptions: With a 3-D Printer, Building a Gun With the Push of a Button by Nick Bilton for The New York Times Oct. 7, 2012

It won’t be long before a felon, unable to buy a gun legally, can print one at home. Teenagers could make them in their bedroom while their parents think they are “playing on their computer.” I’m talking about a fully functional gun, where the schematic is downloaded free from the Internet and built on a 3-D printer, all with the click of a button.


“What’s great about the Wiki Weapon is it only needs to be lethal once,” Mr. Wilson says in the video, in a monotone voice. “We will have the reality of a weapons system that can be printed out from your desk. Anywhere there is a computer, there is a weapon.”

The future.  It is scary.

Mitt Romney Debates Himself – Video

Via New York City Marketing via DailyKos.

The Main Street Analyst

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Kinnick Stadium recycling improved during second home game

Well, at least there is some good news coming out of Kinnick–lord knows the football team isn’t providing any.

Iowa Environmental Focus

The University of Iowa’s recycling efforts at Kinnick Stadium increased between the football team’s first and second home games.

During the first game volunteers collected more than two tons of recyclables, and diverted 40 percent of the waste that would have gone to the landfill.

During the second home game volunteers collected more than three tons of recyclables, and diverted 57 percent of the waste from the landfill.

Read more here.


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And back we go below .500…

From Forbes to Federal

Well, the free-fall continued tonight in Houston as the Bucs lost 7-1.  It was literally all Astros, or Colt .45s as they were tonight, and just an overall ugly game.

Houston jumped out to an early 3-0 lead in the first when Jed Lowrie took Jeff Locke deep into the Crawford Boxes.  Aaaand that’s about it.  Houston starter Edgar Gonzalez left the game in the second inning with some sort of injury, but the bullpen took over and shut the Bucs down.  The Astros tacked on four more runs, and the only run the Pirates could get came in the eighth when Garrett Jones hit a solo-shot.

Pirates (74-76) – Astros (49-102)

Win: Fernando Rodriguez (2-10)
Loss: Locke (0-2)


Go Bucs

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